A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In order to find his lost friend, a divine entity has to bind with a beautiful demon corrupted by sin. With their lives connected as one, the only way to survive is by withstanding heaven and hell together.

Download the demo below!

  • A dark fantasy visual novel with action, romance, psychological and mature elements.
  • Estimate of around 250.000+ words in length
  • Three major routes, featuring three different heroines
  • Multiple expressions/poses per sprite
  • High-quality backgrounds
  • Unique soundtracks


"This messed up world consists of those who fall and those who thrive off of the fallen. Whatever you choose, you'll be one of the two."

Since the dawn of man, Ascendants have been seen soaring in the skies. To the humans they are ethereal, divine and immortal beings; guardians of earth and protectors of humankind. But even among the Ascendants, there are those who have Fallen.

Areon is an Ascendant who hunts the creatures born from sin; the Fallen. Together with his partner Eden, he purges the world little by little. Everything goes effortlessly until Areon is asked to participate in the Divinity project; a project to rehabilitate Fallen. Only the best Ascendants are chosen due to the dangers. During the project, a Divinity Link will be formed between the two until one Ascends, or one Falls.

At the selection, the beautiful Ark caught his attention. A Fallen that had been caught three weeks ago, but never approached due to her insanely corrupted personality. Areon, undaunted by her ferocity, forms a link with Ark. However, he did not realize that his powers will be irrelevant. What will be challenged are his wits, resolve, and mental fortitude. What awaits him is a bigger task than he could have ever imagined.


Hey! We're Team geNe6 and we're an international team striving to make our mark in the visual novel world. Our goal is to create the high-quality visual novel which everyone has been waiting for, whilst also introducing people to the medium. Inspired by both Japanese and western media, we hope to create something unique, and surprise everyone with our upcoming visual novel; False Elegy.

Follow our progress now!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Team_geNe6
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FalseElegy/
Website: https://www.falseelegy.weebly.com
E-mail: teamgene6@gmail.com


False_Elegy_DEMO-pc.zip (259 MB)
False_Elegy_DEMO-mac.zip (245 MB)


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Liking this. Kickstarter +1 :thumbsup:

Hello! When full version could be expected? :)

Hey there! We'll be launching a Kickstarter in a few months. If the KS will be succesful, we're planning on having the full version released in the second half of 2018.